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Consumer Choice: Cobb-Douglas
Published by Christopher Elce 5 days ago
Help students understand the concept of maximizing utility by having them choose which combination of sushi to eat with our Consumer Choice: Cobb-Douglas game!
A student choosing sushi for the MobLab Cobb-Douglas game
Seeing Double: Explore MobLab’s Double Marginalization Game
Help students understand the complexities in consumer pricing by making decisions in the supply chain in our Double Marginalization game!
MobLab's Stag Hunt matrix game at the center with MobLab's chat, survey, copy, and repeat icons around it
Game Theory Experiment Tips (Pt. 2)
Game Theory instructors gave us so many teaching tips on how they use MobLab in their classes that we had to write a second article! Check out the best practices here!
Tips for Game Theory Classes
Game Theory instructors told us how they use MobLab in their classes, and we're sharing their teaching tips in this article!
In the center, a person is making a decision on the MobLab survey. There are 4 Head or Tail coins on the right side of the survey.
Risk Preferences with MobLab Surveys
Are your students risk-averse or risk-tolerant? Use MobLab's pre-made risk preferences surveys to help students discover their risk sensitivity!
Pulling Back the Curtains: Inside MobLab’s Ultimatum & Dictator Games
What is the impact of veto power in bargaining? We share our insights from our strategic games!
Person with a question mark above his head between a left bubble showing NOW with 2 coins and a right bubble showing a stack of coins with LATER
Hyperbolic Discounting in Behavioral Economics: The Choice of Now or Later
Would your students wait for a future reward? Try this behavioral economics experiment with your students!
4 hexagons in the center showing the competitive market game, prisoner's dilemma matrix, supply and demand curve and results chart
Répétez, s'il vous plaît! - Repeated Games in MobLab
There is more to learn by repeating the same game over multiple rounds of a MobLab game!
MobLab Survey with image imbedded in the question
Add Media to Surveys for Memorable Lessons
Personalize your lessons by adding images or video to your classroom surveys!
A man sit across from you at a table while you both make a decision to push or pull
Pulling Back the Curtains: Inside MobLab’s Push & Pull Game
How MobLab Game Results Support Economic Theories & Principles
MobLab's Keynesian Beauty Contest selection screen with 45 selected
Beauty Is in the Eye of Another Beholder: The Guessing Game
Try MobLab's Keynesian Beauty Contest, an economics strategy game that is not skin deep
competitive market game transactions across time results against oranges background
Talking Through the Results: Competitive Market Game
Playing the market strategy game is only the beginning!
3 doors, a goat on the left door, an x on the middle door, and a car on the right door
The Monty Hall Problem
Using an Economics Concept to Solve a Decision Problem
Oranges with a graph and data bar
Pulling back the curtains: Inside MobLab’s Competitive Market
How MobLab game results support economic principles
Red button on left, blue button on right, MobLab's Herding Game guess in the center
Sheep & Lone Wolves: Information Cascades & Herding Behavior in Economics
Will your students pick private or public information?
Scooter from MobLab's Cournot game with a clock
When to Play MobLab Games
Play before or after an economics lesson?
Blue food truck with burgers and fries in the center, MobLab Module, Survey, and Game icons around
MobLab Modules
MobLab Modules: Best Practices
Repeat loop icon with MobLab Games and Surveys icons
Let's Play Again! Using the "Repeat" Button
Make it stick - repeat repeat repeat!
One worker productive and one worker resting
Work or shirk?
Asymmetric information in economics at work (or not)!