Teaching Tip: Reflection Questions Before Results
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Teaching Tip: Reflection Questions Before Results

Doug Norton

Many instructors want to increase student engagement and make their class more interactive. One way to increase student interaction with our MobLab results is to have students write a reflection on the game immediately after playing and before presenting the results. For example, before presenting the results on the public goods game ask students some questions:

  • What did you contribute in the first round? What factors did you consider when choosing how much to contribute in subsequent rounds?
  • According to an economist, how do you choose how many donuts you buy? According to an economist, how would you choose how much to contribute to the water project? How does the water purification differ from a donut?

Give students a couple minutes to answer these questions. Having thought through the ideas and organized their thoughts students will be more willing to jump into the fray. In addition, there is reason to believe that many of the positive benefits from classroom experiments come from reflection questions.

If you’re interested in reflection questions the economists from MobLab have dreamed up, check out our Modules section. Happy Playing!