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  • I used MobLab starting with the first class (game theory). We ran the guessing game—who can come closest to the 2/3rds the class average—with well over two hundred students. It worked flawlessly and seamlessly. And with just two iterations the average had nearly converged to zero. We employed the ultimatum game in the second class. Some students found themselves rejecting offers they wish they had accepted and many others found themselves wishing they had been more generous. MobLab helped make the excitement and relevance of game theory come alive.

    Dr. Barry Nalebuff
    Milton Steinbach Professor, Yale
  • I used to do hand-run experiments in the classroom, but they were time consuming and difficult to run. Conducting classroom experiments through MobLab is much easier. Now I can conduct more experiments and use them for more topics than I could before.

    Dr. Tim Salmon
    Professor, Southern Methodist University
  • MobLab brought games to life in the classroom, allowing students to experience games and markets – helping them to develop a deeper understanding and to bring new energy to the course.

    Dr. Matthew Elliott
    Professor, Caltech
  • I used the MobLab in my introductory economics course.  The students loved it (it came up in several evaluations) and it made preparing for class easy and painless!

    Dr. Margaret A. McConnell
    Professor, Harvard
  • As an instructor, MobLab delivers two compelling benefits. First, from the instructor’s perspective, MobLab addresses the age-old problem of getting students to participate in the classroom.  Second, from the student’s perspective, learning economics using MobLab can be fun, particularly compared to lectures and textbooks!  If done in a way that harnesses student competitiveness, markets and games can become incredibly engaging, putting the “social” back in “social sciences”.

    Dr. Ming Hsu
    Professor, Haas, UC Berkeley
  • I have always considered classroom games an essential part of my pedagogy. It gives students a way to fully engage in strategic thinking. Not only does MobLab greatly simplify the task of implementing games in class, its highly polished presentation impresses students, and has been the most positively commented upon change to my teaching, with lots of unsolicited positive feedback both after class and in course evaluations. Also, the staff of MobLab have been tremendously responsive and helpful throughout the entire experience. I have been recommending it to everyone I know who teaches game theory, microeconomics, behavioral or even public finance.

    Dr. Ben Ho
    Professor, Vassar College
  • I use MobLab’s Beauty Contest game during my lecture on speculation in the stock market. This is the first interactive lesson I have run all semester and the students really liked it.

    Dr. Cary Frydman
    Professor, USC
  • The best part about the Intermediate Micro class is to have the interactive experiments using MobLab during lecture.

    Purdue University

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