Why should you do classroom experiments?

Why should you do classroom experiments? Here I will invoke Aristotle. He postulated three important components to a good argument: logic, credibility, and emotional appeal. Economics models are logical but struggle to make an emotional connection with students and may not be viewed as credible. Classroom experiments can help on both fronts. Consider the competitive […]

Learning Outcomes for Economists: Part 2

I wanted to follow up on the previous post that discussed how learning outcomes help guide student effort and make students better economists. In Part 2 I re-state the learning outcomes and discuss how I see these relating to MobLab: LO 1. Explain how economists use the scientific process to expand understanding of individual decision-making, market […]

competitive market game screen

You Asked, We Answered: Competitive Market Game

The Competitive Market Game is our most commonly played market game, great for Principles of Economics and Intermediate Microeconomics classes. Due to its popularity, the MobLab support team has accumulated a number of questions from instructors about our Competitive Market game. Today, we’d like to share our responses to these commonly asked questions with you.   […]