Student Competition: Tournament Results!

::: Drum Roll ::: Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce the winners of the first ever MobLab Student Tournament! In 3rd place, University of Waterloo! Their lean, but mean 6-person team consistently participated and gave a great showing in all the games. Congratulations, University of Waterloo! In 2nd place, we have Northeastern University! […]

Student Competition: Week 8 Results!

That’s it folks! We’ve made it to the end of the tournament. Congratulations to Northeastern for taking us home and winning the last week of the tournament! Here are the standings for this week, but stay tuned over the next few days as we announce the tournament winners and send out prizes: Northeastern University University […]

Student Competition: Week 8

You’ve made it! After this week, you will have successfully completed the MobLab Student Tournament! But, there are two more challenges to go. Are you game? This week, we’ll be playing a game called The Market for Scooters. Each round, each of 10 firms chooses how many scooters to produce. Each firm can produce up […]

Student Competition: Week 7 Results!

What a crazy game! Some of you surely felt the sting of your investment sinking to the bottom of the ocean with a collapsing bank, while others were lucky enough to scrape a small portion of their investments back from the brink. Congratulations to University of Oklahoma for guarding their investments the best. Here are […]

Student Competition: Week 7

Welcome to week 7! We’re in the home stretch of the tournament and looking forward to celebrating the soon-to-be-victors. Although we are nearing the end of our competition, now is not the time to give up or slack off! Even if you’ve missed a week or feel like you’re trailing, there is still a chance […]

Student Competition: Week 6 Results!

Competition is getting fierce! This week we have a tie for first place between Northeastern and University of Oklahoma. I think a friendly rivalry might be brewing…Congratulations to both teams! Here are the rankings from week 6: 1st – Northeastern University 1st – University of Oklahoma 3rd – University of Western Ontario 4th – Syracuse […]

Student Competition: Week 6

There is only three weeks left of games until we find out the tournament winners and the top schools in economics! It is time to double down and try your best! This week, we’ll be playing a special version of the Split the Money game, called the Ultimatum game. This game is similar to the game […]

Student Competition: Week 5 Results!

Another big congratulations to Northeastern University this week! Did you know you would be such good hiders and seekers? Perhaps all it means is that you’re the best randomizers! Here are the rankings from week 5: 1st – Northeastern University 2nd – University of Waterloo 3rd – University of Oklahoma 4rd – University of Minnesota […]

Student Competition: Week 5

We’re heading into the 2nd half of the tournament this week and anything is still possible! If you have friends or colleagues that still want to join, beef up your team for this second half to give your univeristy the best shot at winning! This week, we’ll be playing Hide & Seek. You might have […]