Why Our Games?

What is MobLab? In the natural and physical sciences, students learn by doing experiments and experiencing how things work first-hand. MobLab brings powerful game-based learning experiences to economics, management, and all of the social sciences, by combining cutting-edge technology with an immersive user interface, an innovative teaching method, and lively learning content. MobLab’s suite of […]

Topical Teaching: Greek Debt Crisis & the Bargaining Game

It is no secret that current events offer the economics instructor a great way to motivate and teach economic concepts and models. Few stories have dominated news coverage like the Greek debt crisis. MobLab’s Bargaining Game is a powerful way to frame a discussion of the bargaining impasse at the heart of this crisis. MobLab’s […]

Teach Supply & Demand with Games – Webinar Recap

If you missed MobLab’s first webinar on how to teach with games, fear not, we have the recap ready for you here. In the webinar, Bob Gazzale, MobLab’s senior economist, discussed how to use MobLab’s Competitive Market game to teach students about one of the most fundamental lessons in any Principles of Economics class: supply and demand. […]