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Wonderverse: a playground for character development

MobLab Kids introduces Wonderverse, a new app that enhances childhood character development through closed-loop game-based assessment, personalized intervention, and progress tracking.
Character development in early years matters more than ever
Empower Millennial Parents to Help Every Child Thrive
Wonderverse is built on top of the latest behavioral science insights, using an assessment-centric approach to help develop practical parenting skills with predictable outcomes, in a personalized way.

Testimonials from Parents

Lyla's Mom
This assessment app will show you how well you really understand your child. It's a practical companion to help you guide your child's character development and build parent-child trust. I think developing children's sensory training and character skills outweigh the importance of traditional learning.
Leo's Dad
The Wonderverse game-based assessment is a new approach to help understand your child's development. My child likes the friendly design of the game, and I value the comprehensive analysis of my child's growth. This app gives me more confidence in my parenting and helps my partner and me to better understand our child in a professional, fun, and trusted way.
Mia's Mom
What I appreciate the most about this product is that it helps me to communicate effectively with my child's teacher! It provides insights to understanding children's growth at home and personalized activity recommendations so that parents can work together with teachers to educate kids efficiently!

Key Features

Game-based Assessment
Know Your Child
Gain insights into how well children develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally with our assessment games and AI/NLP enabled parent observation analysis.
Grow Together
Practice parenting skills with gamified learning quest and evidence-based activities that help build characters.
Growth Roadmap
Support Each Other
Support Each Other
Seek and offer parenting advice from communities with matching profiles.
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