We've Partnered with Macmillan Education!
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We've Partnered with Macmillan Education!

Rachel Bodsky
We have exciting news to share today! We've partnered with Macmillan Education! Check out the press release:

Worth Publishers, an imprint of Macmillan Education, and MobLab, a leader in interactive games for the college classroom, today announced a strategic partnership to provide students and faculty with access to a library of hands-on experiments, enhancing the opportunity for active and experiential learning in the economics classroom. MobLab’s experiments actively involve students by having them produce their own data as they interact in simulated markets and games. This interactivity uniquely engages students in the application of concepts they are learning as they explore the inner workings of markets first-hand.

MobLab’s interactive economics games enable students to explore supply and demand, market interventions, imperfect competition, and more, on their computers, tablets, or phones. Economics faculty can customize each game to match the needs of their courses and receive real time results and data analytics that allow them to immediately show students how their choices relate to economic theory. “With MobLab, it’s easy for instructors to bring a variety of different experiments into their classrooms and even large lecture halls, allowing students to learn, first-hand, important economic principles and concepts based on their own decisions in these simulated markets and interactive games.” said Walter Yuan, CEO of MobLab. “When you get students’ curiosity level up, learning becomes so much more intrinsically motivated and effortless.”

“The pairing of textbook content written by exceptional economists with the interactivity and student-centered learning found in MobLab’s online games and experiments provides instructors with the richest of tools to incorporate in their classrooms,” said Charles Linsmeier, VP, Editorial, Science and Social Sciences at Macmillan Education. “Few things incentivize engagement more than when students have the opportunity to utilize data they have created themselves.”

Currently in use at over 800 schools globally and nearly 300 schools in the U.S., MobLab offers students access to economics experiments and games for Principles of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Managerial Economics, Behavioral Psychology, Game Theory, and many more. By combining MobLab access with their Worth Publishers textbook, students receive a significant savings over purchasing the tools individually. By providing faculty with full access to supporting materials, instructors can easily incorporate the experiments into their lesson plans.

About Macmillan Education, Higher Education Group: With over 3,300 employees worldwide, Macmillan Education helps learners around the world achieve more. Throughout our extensive history, the Higher Education group has worked hard to partner with the best and brightest under one common publishing ideal. Our Higher Education Group, including the imprints of Worth Publishers, WH Freeman, and Bedford/St. Martins, collaborates with the world’s best researchers, educators, and administrators to improve learning outcomes. Our publishing teams are immersed in the disciplines we represent. Our interdisciplinary technology teams don’t believe in homogenous approaches to solving educational problems. We create learning tools that improve student engagement and outcomes, and ultimately cultivate better learners. We listen to instructors, students, and institutions better than anyone and, as a result, deliver pioneering tools and remarkable service every step of the way. Mastery breeds innovation. Macmillan Education is the global education division of Macmillan Science and Education, under the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. To learn more, please visit: http://www.macmillanhighered.com or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

Would you like to learn more about MobLab's online economics games? Get in touch with our team. Click here to schedule a one-on-one demo meeting.