A Fond Farewell

Many of you may know I am leaving MobLab and headed back to Florida State. In this final post before the transition, I want to stroll down memory lane and recount how I joined MobLab. To tell this story, we must go back to Fall 2008. I was in a Research Scientist position at FSU and […]

Richard Thaler Wins the Nobel Prize!

By now you have heard that Richard Thaler won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences because his, “… contributions have built a bridge between the economic and psychological analyses of individual decision-making.” What a bridge! To my knowledge, there are no sub-fields in economics that haven’t been infused with psychological insights. For example, see survey […]

PowerPoint Integration: In the Microsoft Store

If you haven’t heard the news, MobLab’s integration with PowerPoint is now available as an “add-in” in the Microsoft Store. The integration will work for PowerPoint versions 2013 or newer. This morning, I opened PowerPoint, clicked the Insert tab, and  selected “Store”. Then, I searched for MobLab in the Microsoft Store, pressed the “Add” button, and […]

Linear Public Goods game data graphs

Students and Research

At CTREE Atlanta in 2016, Tom Nechyba gave an outstanding plenary on engaging students in research. Over at his Teach Better blog, Doug McKee provided a great take on the talk, I found Thomas Nechyba’s talk on how and why we should get undergraduate students involved in research incredibly inspiring. The Duke Economics Department runs semester-long senior essay […]

Multilateral bargaining game

MobLab for Political Science Courses

MobLab has a number of classroom experiments related to political science classes.In addition to our games, we also have a survey technology where you can run polls in class (similar to Clicker, TopHat, Poll Everywhere, etc.). Currently we have been used in Intro to Political Science, Comparative Politics, and Political Game Theory courses. Our games […]

Update: New Workbook Content

Today we updated our Instructor and Student Workbooks. The instructor side of the workbooks (Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, Intermediate Micro) include: General description of the game, learning objectives, time requirements, etc. Step-by-step instructions on how to implement pre-built curriculum Videos that walk instructors through standard results presentation More support videos and content related […]

PowerPoint Integration: MobLab Multiple Choice

Great lectures have great flow. With the new MobLab integration with PowerPoint, you can run polls from your slides. Soon MobLab will be available as an “add-in” in the Microsoft store. In this post I’d like to showcase the functionality. To create a poll instructors select the content area of the slide, choose the My […]

Classroom Game Theory Experiments

MobLab in Managerial Economics and Organizational Behavior

We have a number of instructors using MobLab for their managerial economics courses. For example, see our conversation with Kevin McCabe. How does MobLab fit with managerial economics and organizational behavior courses? Really well. I would hazard to guess there are more applicable games than someone could reasonably play in a semester. What topics are […]