CTREE & ME: A Reflection of Growth and Love

Dearest CTREE, I am reflecting back on the years at CTREE and getting wistful. Is it the romance of wall-to-wall books? After all, I am writing this from a bookstore and we are both bibliophiles. Is it the hum of baristas pulling shots and cool coffee shop music? I could go on. Whatever the reason, […]

Why should you do classroom experiments?

Why should you do classroom experiments? Here I will invoke Aristotle. He postulated three important components to a good argument: logic, credibility, and emotional appeal. Economics models are logical but struggle to make an emotional connection with students and may not be viewed as credible. Classroom experiments can help on both fronts. Consider the competitive […]

CTREE 2017: Come see us!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Educators of all ages! CTREE 2017 is almost here. It’s going to be great to reunite with old friends and meet new friends too. At the conference MobLab is unveiling our Instructor and Student Workbooks. These workbooks will make it easier than ever to use MobLab. Let’s get (a little) more specific: […]

Learning Outcomes for Economists: Part 2

I wanted to follow up on the previous post that discussed how learning outcomes help guide student effort and make students better economists. In Part 2 I re-state the learning outcomes and discuss how I see these relating to MobLab: LO 1. Explain how economists use the scientific process to expand understanding of individual decision-making, market […]

NFL Free Agency: You Win, You Lose, You Curse

Some pairs survive the test of time: Tom and Jerry, milk and cookies, and Han Solo and Chewie. In economics one consistent pair is the common value auction and the winner’s curse. Here I will briefly describe the common value auction, winner’s curse, and apply it to sports free-agency. A “common value auction” is one […]