Conversations with Educators: Kevin McCabe

This past summer I had the great pleasure to meet with Kevin McCabe, Professor of Economics and Law at George Mason University. His research has appeared in journals such as the American Economic Review, Science, Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, and many more. He is the Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics at […]

5 Tips to Starting the Semester Off Right

We’ve built our platform to be easy as pie. But, we still have some advice about using MobLab well. After all, the technology is a complement and not a substitute to good teaching. So how can you get the most out of MobLab? Tip 1: Run an out-of-class survey for at least 48 hours before […]

MobLab Modules

You may have noticed three tabs in the instructor console: Games, Surveys, and Modules. In our Year in Review 2016 we wrote about forthcoming modules, “These modules are pre-built playlists with instruction comprehension questions, an A/B test (e.g. market followed by market with intervention), and final reflection questions. We are also pairing these with detailed procedures […]