Introducing our Loan Market Game

Shout out to all my macro people! In this post we’re talking about our recently released loan market. But, I want to let you know, we are also designing more classroom experiments including a GDP accounting game and simple closed economy (with linked labor and goods markets). You called, we answered, and you can’t let the […]

Introducing our Double Marginalization Game

The concept of double marginalization can be tricky for students to grasp. How is it possible that mergers improve both industry profits and increase consumer welfare at the same time? In a newly developed game we explore this double marginalization problem. Students act as either a wholesale coffee roaster or a retail café (shown below). […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma: Matrix Form

In October I had the good pleasure of demonstrating MobLab to a 400 student class at UNC.  That day students were learning about monopolistic competition and one component of the discussion was collusion. Naturally, we decided to play the Prisoner’s Dilemma (PD) — that old workhorse for  studying the conditions under which cooperation is more […]

Having More Kids: A Note on Hyperbolic Discounting

My wife and I are proud parents of three little girls: Teresa, Emily, and Abigail. We call them “sweet TEA”. These little “consumer durables” (as Gary Becker would call them) are bringers of joy. Here are my beauitful ladies (and yes, those are Adam Smith onesies). Truthfully, I’ll be walking across campuses around the U.S. sometimes […]