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Let’s Play Again! Using the “Replay” Button

Learning often occurs through repetition, thus making our Replay button impeccably valuable. Replay allows you to build on students’ previous game knowledge by playing two warmup games, rotating the roles, adding a new treatment to a fixed game, or even provides a quick refresher if discussion goes stale. As I was humbly reminded in class today, there are […]

Presidential Debate MobLab Two Candidate Game

MobLab’s Two Candidate Election Game

With the first Presidential Debates tonight, the election season is reaching a fever pitch. There were several places I could go with the election cycle. For example, Steve Brams’ piece on how game theory helps explain Trump’s strategies. However, it seems an appropriate time to write about our Two Candidate Election Game.   In this game […]

Buyers tax 10 cents

From My Lecture to Yours: Teaching Tax and Subsidy with MobLab’s Competitive Market Game

One of MobLab’s most powerful games is the Competitive Market Game. Not only can students experience hands-on how a market arrives at an equilibrium price and quantity, but they can also see how government interventions change consumer and producer behavior. To add government intervention into the market, simply click on “Basic” and add in a […]

Why You Must Play Our New Kagel-Roth Matching Game

To the unengaged student, economics amounts to numbers, Wall Street, markets, and ultimately a feeling of “something unrelated to me,” which could be further from the truth. Our KR Matching Game allows you to start conversations with students about how economics deals with everyday decision-making and may even be the answer to some of the […]

cam newton

Cognitive Load in our Surveys

Cam Newton (Superman, “Lights, Cam, Action”, etc.) was driving the Panthers downfield for a comeback in last weekend’s Super Bowl rematch. But with 36 seconds left in the game he rolled out of the pocket and Darian Stewart launched into his right ear hole. The hit was violent. After the game the brouhaha surrounded two […]

Teaching instructors to use multiple playlists when running MobLab games

Advanced Topics: Multiple Playlists

When you create an instructor account in MobLab you are endowed with the “Default Playlist”. From this initial position many instructors create new playlists from the dropdown menu. These new playlists often serve an organizational purpose by clarifying the timing (e.g. “Day 1”, “Lecture 1”, etc.) or theme (e.g. “Trade”, “Public Goods”, etc.) of games […]

Using MobLab Robots during classroom games

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto: Using MobLab Robots

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto . Our MobLab robots are programmed with simple strategies (available upon request) to make various economic lessons more salient and to fill incomplete groups in MobLab. Below is an overview of some best practices with using MobLab robots and our future plans for developing our robots. Patience with adding robots Students […]