Student Competition: Week 6

There is only three weeks left of games until we find out the tournament winners and the top schools in economics! It is time to double down and try your best! This week, we’ll be playing a special version of the Split the Money game, called the Ultimatum game. This game is similar to the game […]

Student Competition: Week 5 Results!

Another big congratulations to Northeastern University this week! Did you know you would be such good hiders and seekers? Perhaps all it means is that you’re the best randomizers! Here are the rankings from week 5: 1st – Northeastern University 2nd – University of Waterloo 3rd – University of Oklahoma 4rd – University of Minnesota […]

Student Competition: Week 5

We’re heading into the 2nd half of the tournament this week and anything is still possible! If you have friends or colleagues that still want to join, beef up your team for this second half to give your univeristy the best shot at winning! This week, we’ll be playing Hide & Seek. You might have […]

Student Competition: Week 4 Results!

Big congratulations to Northeastern University! They are the champions this week! Besides making the most in their auctions, not a single player on their team had negative earnings! That is quite a feat. We see bright futures for many of you in pharmacuetical strategy…Awesome job by all the teams this week – this was a […]

Student Competition: Week 4

This week marks the half-way point of the tournament! We really hope you enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy running them. So what’s on the agenda for Week 4? Another sealed bid auction, but this one is with a twist! We’re playing our R&D Race game, which is an all-pay sealed bid […]

Student Competition: Week 3 Results!

The University of Oklahoma is on fire! Congratulations on another win!! We had another close game this week. Awesome job by the University of Waterloo team for breaking the top 3 and another congratulations this week to Centre College for their strong showing. Here are the rankings from week 3: 1st – University of Oklahoma […]

MobLab Student Competition: Week 3

Who’s ready for Week 3? This week we will be playing our Booby Trap game. While we can promise it will not physically ensnare you, your hopes for high earnings might get dashed by the booby trap! Here’s how to play: Each round, a bomb is randomly placed in one of 100 boxes, and each round […]

Student Competition: Week 2 Results!

Congratulations again to the team from University of Oklahoma for winning week 2! With two victories in a row, they are killing it! They are followed closely by Centre College and Northeastern University. This was a close game! Here are the rankings from week 2: 1st – University of Oklahoma 2nd – Centre College 3rd […]