MobLab Student Competition: Week 2

Week 2 is here! This week we will be playing our first-price sealed-bid auction. Auctions are an integral part of everyday life and show up in places that might surprise you. They’re used to sell Google Ad Words, allocate emission credits in cap and trade markets, and even to determine who owns the broadband networks […]

Student Competition: Week 1 Results!

Congratulations to the team at University of Oklahoma for winning week 1! Students at the University of Oklahoma were the top negotiators, pulling a stunning victory and earning the most in these tough negotiations. Here are the standings after week 1: 1st – University of Oklahoma 2nd – Northeastern University 3rd – Centre College 4th […]

MobLab Student Competition: Week 1

Welcome to the first week of our student competition! We are excited to begin the tournament and play some economics games! This week we will be playing our Split the Money game. The game: You and a partner have been given a sum of money: $100. Together, you have to decide how to split the […]

Student Competition: MobLab Economics Tournament!

We’re excited to announce our first student competition: the MobLab Economics Tournament! Students from across the country (perhaps world?!) will participate in a team contest to find out which university reigns supreme in economics. Starting February 22, 2016, students will participate in an 8-week team competition where they’ll play a new MobLab game every week. Here’s […]