Jury Voting In-Class example

One interesting result that I always enjoy teaching in my game theory class is Feddersen and Pesendorfer’s “Convicting the Innocent: The Inferiority of Unanimous Jury Verdicts under Strategic Voting.” Their result suggests that if jurors vote strategically, then requiring unanimity to convict may actually lead to more incorrect convictions. While this result is fairly unintuitive […]

Overview of Public Choice Games – Webinar Recap

In case you missed our webinar on how to teach with MobLab’s Public Choice Games, we have the recap for you here. Bob Gazzale, MobLab’s senior economist, gave an overview on MobLab’s Public Choice games, including which games to best teach topics such as tragedy of the commons, externalities, public goods, and free riding.  Highlighting MobLab’s newest game, Tragedy of the […]

How to Preview Games

Previewing games lets you see exactly what the students see when they play the game, and it generates a game results screen populated with data from virtual players so you can learn what game analytics are available to you prior to class. Check out how to use MobLab’s Preview feature here: